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2020 - over and out...

Oh 2020 you big rollercoaster… what to say! It hasn’t been the one we all imagined this time last year. It’s been heartbreaking and yet in some ways quietly wonderful, isolating - yet one that’s brought us all closer together than ever, and an experience that I’m sure we won’t all want to repeat but one of a pace that’s allowed us to stop, take a breath, find beauty in the smallest of things and really REALLY appreciate what’s most important in life.

A great big HUGE thank you to all of the stunning couples that I’ve worked with - your weddings have been a beautiful reminder of why I LOVE this job so much and feel truly grateful to be involved in a wedding day. To all of my colleagues in the industry - huge love to you all. It’s been amazing to see how much support there is out there.

From the 9 weddings I’ve shot this year, I’ve picked out a selection of my favourites to share with you. Although nearly all had to make major compromises, countless changes in dates, guest numbers, locations and expectations - all were absolutely perfect in their own way and just overflowing with love and emotion.

We may not be going out with a bang tonight as we cosy up in our pjs (or parade around the kitchen in sparkles?) but it feels like one huge celebration that we’ve made it this far, and that we head in to 2021 more positive than ever! Wishing you a happy new year 🖤

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