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Your Wedding & COVID-19

If you’re getting married in the next few weeks and even months, it’s inevitable that you’ll be feeling a little worried and uncertain about what’s going to happen because of Coronavirus.

For me, things are very much business as normal and I fully intend on attending every wedding booked in my diary. I’m doing everything I can to be extra vigilant with hygiene and extra hand washing!

If I do start showing symptoms, my priority is to work together to find suitable replacement cover to shoot your day as soon as possible. This is the same procedure that is outlined in my contract already for illness, and I’m fortunate to be part of an amazing community of photographers prepared to support each other in this. You can also choose to find alternative cover yourself.

If you do take the decision to postpone your wedding, I will be happy to transfer your date to any time as long as I am free, with no change in my service or costs to you. I would like to think that most suppliers will have the same policies on postponing dates, so it is best to discuss potential new dates with as many of your suppliers as possible.

The main thing is - don’t panic. With loo roll and pasta flying off the shelves like it’s going out of fashion, it’s hard not to get sucked into the whirlwind of worry. Getting married is one of the most incredible times of your life and I’m just as excited to be there as I ever was. If you are getting married in 2020 and want to talk things through, get in touch and I’ll help in any way I can!

Last month we all spoke about how important it is to be kind. Let's not forget that. Look out for and look after yourselves, your loved ones and your neighbours. We'll get through this like we do with every other obstacle that comes our way.

Carla x

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